Sunday, 18 March 2012

I'd Rather be Whittling

This week in boredom prevention...


No, not whistling- I'm already great at that. Whittling wood.

In my final high school year as I was planning for my future, I went through a few phases. For a significant period of time I was convinced that I was going to make a career out of finish carpentry. Needless to say, this didn't pan out but my fervent love for wood and the things people can do with it, is intact.

Each summer, I have what I like to call, my "Summer Project." Last summer, I successfully made two Muskoka chairs. To the right is proof of my handiwork (for all you non-believers). In the spirit of full disclosure, I will tell you that the wood came pre-cut. I know, I'm a fraud. But I still needed my tool belt, and a little elbow grease to finish this piece of work.

This summer, my Summer Project will be learning to whittle wood and eventually craft a beautiful walking stick, or cane if you prefer. In Jamaica, the wood carvings were breathtaking and inspired me to learn how.

Now, is a pretty pathetic website, but I did find a Wood Whittling 101site that proved to be much more informative.

Step 1: Knife- I'm sure I can find one of those lying around, if not Outdoors Oriented will have one to serve my purposes.
Step 2: Wood- yes, that would be essential. After removing three massive trees from our lawn this past year, there is plenty of lumber on the property.
Step 3: Grain- Carve with the grain, got it.
Step 4: Safety/Holding the Knife- Here's where I'm going to have the most trouble, but this is nothing new. Let's just hope I have all ten digits at the end of September.
Step 5: Technique- It says to make a scooping motion. I've done pretty well scooping ice cream  thus far, check!
Step 6: Practice- Now I just need to set up a rocking chair on my porch, get my crazy eyes rolling and start whittling.

I'm not sure if something like this "wizard on post" is in my future, but I sure hope so!

I'm hoping that I can join some kind of whittling group, we can sit on a porch and talk about the good ol' days. If anyone has information on such a group, please let me know.


  1. Wow. I had no idea you were interested in whittling.
    Also, I would love a walking stick if you are taking orders.

  2. Wow! I went through a serious whittling faze too when I was about 14! I even got whittling tools for my birthday that year. Then I cut myself, the tools have been rusting in my closet since.

  3. If I wasn't such a clutz than I would definitely try this!

    Ps. Sweet chairs, pre-cut wood or not

  4. Whittling is such a beautiful art form. Hope enjoy your summer project!

  5. I agree with sam, this would be a sliced finger waiting to happen for me. Either way, cool idea!